Tech Creativity Innovation

Empowering Kids & Teens with digital skills to help create innovative ideas and build solutions with various technologies


To equip, train, and empower Africans on emerging Technological and Digital skills for global relevance.


To ensure all Africans are Digitally/Technologically empowered to solve problems and create value.
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What we Teach

We are building Innovators


Scratch is a software that helps young learners learn how to code, arranging them like building blocks (leggo), thereby building amazing things like games, quiz applications, and animations.

App Inventor

Building Android applications is an essential part of Tech and we teach our kids and teens how to build a simple Android app.

Python Programming

Python is one of the top leading programming language as of today. Python is used for web development as well as other fields as data science and machine learning.

Web Development

Developing a websites involves a series of stages that ranges from developing a simple single static page of plain text to complete web applications for businesses and social network services.

What People are saying about Us

Mrs. RaufuLagos, Nigeria
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Sincerely the organization surpassed our expectations, we thought it's the regular way others organize theirs. The follow-up, phone calls, teaching throughout the training cannot be expressed in writing.
Mrs. OluwiKent, UK
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The training has been good for Joyce, there has been a great improvement from when she started and she has got a good teacher, I am a satisfied client . Joyce has enjoyed making stories using scratch, she has also enjoyed looking at other people's project especially "cold".
Mrs. AbiolaMaryland, USA
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My boys enjoy learning with Rubies and have learned a lot. Now they can write codes and programs and that makes me happy and the fact that they are able to spend their time positively.
Dr. DejiBroadlands, VA
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The teachers have been great all round, especially in communicating with us parents. Please, continue to communicate with us about ways to help the kids improve and also make your time with them worthwhile.
Mrs. OluwiKent, UK
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Jason has enjoyed building games and loves the fact that he can make a sprite move. He also enjoyed making a calculator and a snake game using scratch.