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Rubies Technologies Celebrates 3rd Year, Promises To Inspire More Kids To Learn Coding

Rubies Technologies, a social enterprise organization that is focused on empowering, building, and training children in coding and programming recently celebrated its 3rd year of inspiring and impacting the lives of children in Nigeria.

The organization which started 3 years ago by a young tech enthusiast was borne out of curiosity to train children and expose them to the world of technology at a tender age so as to meet up with the reality that is obtainable in the developed world.

According to the founder of Rubies Technology, Afape Temiloluwa, she said the world is empirically drifting towards technology and the best way for Nigeria or Africa to meet up is to start teaching kids the fundamentals so they can save the future.

According to her, “as the technology industry is fast growing at an incredible pace and the need for designers, programmers, problem solvers, and innovators keep increasing in every sector in the world, it is therefore imperative that concentrated effort be directed towards teaching the younger generation in order to fill the tech gaps that are believed to be coming in the next decades.”

She added that as an organization known for sustainable development and innovation by training children, it believes in educating the younger generation who are the leaders of tomorrow.

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She emphasized that children are needed to give solutions to emerging problems hence the need to catch them young by giving them the right structure.

“By training every African child and ensuring they are equipped with the required knowledge, we believe Africa is on its way to the global stage. We are focused on 5th Sustainable Development Goals.” She added.

She is however sadden with how schools are not exposed to the significance of programming and the lack of knowledge towards the importance of training young children programming and coding at the early stage. “Programming is about solving problems and building solutions. Imagine if I find it difficult to wash clothes, I can actually use my knowledge to build a machine that can do that and thereby creating solutions to many people’s problems.

Kids can learn many things when they are young, that is why you see some people speaking many languages because it’s what they were exposed to when they were kids.” She said.

She further said it is her vision to make every kid be inspired and making programming part of the school curriculum so as students are learning Biology, Chemistry, or Mathematics, they will also see programming as part of them.

For the past 3 years, Rubies Technologies has trained 10 schools in Lagos, Ondo, and Oyo state, reaching over 500 students by providing the structure of training children on Web Development, Digital literacy, Python, or Game Development.

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