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I Became a Full Stack Developer in 3 Years Without a Personal Computer – Eniola Osabiya

Eniola Osabiya is a 16 year-old Full Stack developer and a student of Caleb international school, Lagos. He shared with Rubies Technologies his experience as a young tech champ, the opportunities and challenges young ones like him encounter in the tech world. Excerpt...

Can we meet you?

My name is Eniola Osabiya, a 16 year old full stack developer and SS3 student of Caleb International college Magodo Lagos

When did you start to code?

I started coding in August 2017 during the summer break.

Apart for coding skill, what other skills you have?

I do graphics designs, whiteboard animation and anything that got to do with tech

How Many Projects Have You Done?

I have worked on many projects many of which are on my LinkedIn page. I built a Library Management system, a Result Management System, a Job Finding Portal for youth; the idea is that there will be employee and employer where they post jobs online and you submit your CV. I teamed up with a friend to Build an App called Domath, a math-solver for students all over the world to help them solve mathematical problems and as well provide solutions to the questions to help them understand and love Mathematics, the app is on GooglePlay store.

How has the tech community supported?

I just got aware of the tech community and it is quite lovely and supportive. I joined the tech community after the HNG being the youngest finalist. I am just getting familiar with the tech community but they are supportive.

What are the Challenges you face as kid in the tech space?

On one the major challenges is age barrier. When you are trying to apply for a job and because there is age restrictions, you can’t apply. You can’t really apply for some top notch jobs because of age barrier even though you know about it and that has been the major issues we complain about.

Did your parent support you initially?

I can’t really say Yes or No because sometimes when I am working on the computer, they will tell me to go and read my books. But to a certain level, they didn’t tell me not to code, they are just neutral but I can say my mum supported me

How did you get your first computer?

That’s an interesting story about me. A lot of people don’t believe I don’t have a personal laptop,I actually borrow my brother’s own and till now I don’t have my personal  computer.  . it is one of the struggle stories I have that when I started, I didn’t have computer. Though they are planning of getting one for me this year or early next year

Actually when I was in primary school,I like computer because we have a family desktop at home and I used it the,  but it has spoilt.. At my early age, I used the desktop to surf the internet and do assignment but I don’t code. I was just attracted to computer since I was small

Where do you see yourself in next 5 years ?

In the next five years, I see myself working at Google and as a successful person.

What would you like to tell people of your age that want to go into coding ?

I will say negativity will always come, set backs will always come but just try to keep pushing through. Also try to look for opportunities , internship and all not necessarily paid one because lot of people won’t give you paid work if you don’t have a portfolio. Do free jobs and go for internship

How many programming languages do you know?

Apart from web development which include HTML, CSS and JavaScript, I  know PHP, Python , Angular, Flutter, Mysql and currently learning Java because it is Google standard

What attracted you to coding?

It wasn’t something I planned, it was through a bootcamp they organized in my church and when I joined I got attracted to it.

Which of the languages is challenging to you?

None of the languages I know is challenging to me.

You can contact Eniola Osabiya via this LinkedIn page

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