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Lack of General Community to Learn Programming is a Major Challenge in Nigeria-Olatunbosun

John Olatunbosun is a 17 year-old Software Developer, Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning enthusiast. He delved into the world of tech two years ago and within the short period of time, he has worked on many innovative projects. He shared with Rubiestech his experience, chanllenges and projections. Excerpts…

Can You Tell Us about yourself?

My name is John Olatunbosun, I am 17 year- old and a student of Mountain Top University. I do Web Development, Mobile, Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning

When did you start coding?

I started coding in 2018

What led you into coding?

It was curiosity.The opportunity was there for me to learn Web Development and when I began to like it, I started learning other things. I moved from Web Development to Machine Learning and constantly increasing my skills generally.

How many projects have you worked on?

I have worked on quite a lot. But there are 3 major ones I have worked on. There is Domathz, its a maths solver application that can solve wide varieties of mathematical questions and problems. There is another one, My Social Vote, that we can use for small election and polling like in work place or school. If you want to select the head of the school or get someone to lead a project , it can be used for quick minimum election. There is also Ecom Grade, Its used to analyse website and targeted at drop-shippers to analyse their online presence, generate their products viability, potential market targets and any other analytics.

How has the tech community supported you?

My major support come from my parents. They encouraged me, they got me a laptop when I started programming

As a young tech person, what are the challenges you are facing in the tech industry?

The major challenge is the availability of places to learn because I don’t really know anywhere they teach in details. Many Bootcamps just teach the basics, but having a place to learn as community. I think the lack of a place like a general community is one of the challenges .

Also, there is a lack of opportunity, especially when it comes to age. I have had a challenge because of my age. For instance, when someone needs a website because they saw your project but when they find out that you are young , they get discouraged or feeling you can’t handle the project to their expectation.

How did you manage your coding and school?

At first it was really challenging to manage time, but what I did was that I prioritize my things and I shifted programming to certain time. There was a time I was so busy with school work and I had to stop programming for a while but I later decided to plan myself and focus on time management.

Where do you see yourself in the next 5 years?

I hope to be the CEO of my own tech company and release a product that will impact people and the world at large.

How many programming languages did you know?

I know HTML, CSS, JavaScript, PHP, Python , Java, Nodejs, C#, C++. I learnt everything online mainly from YouTube and Udemy in the space of 2 years.

Which of the languages is challenging to you?

I will say Java because the language itself is quite verbose as you have to learn a lot of syntax and know a lot of things to be very proficient in Java. Also the structure, when you are writing a program in Java, it is very strict and just a slightest mistake can get you off track.

What problem is Nigeria facing that you can use your knowledge to solve?

Nigeria actual has a lot a problems but one that I think can be solved is in the area of academics. Developing a very easy to use online platform for learning will be very helpful to students even outside programming,it will be helpful like a western platform where students can easily learn. it will be very helpful especially during this period of time

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