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Rubies Technologies Introduces Kids Spotlight to Promote Kids in Technology

The technology world is growing daily and for the past few years, the narratives have been changing from being dominated by the grown ups to kids getting engaged and doing great stuffs.

The new generation seems to have found a solace in the world of technology and this gives the tech space hope of solving future problems and creating more viable solutions.

Recently, Joshua Agboola, an 11 year- old Web Developer and Opemipo Disu, 14 years, Software Engineer were called to give a talk during the Rubies Technologies Brace Conference 2020. The Brace Conference which is brainchild of Rubies Technologies is a platform to expose kids to the world of technology and giving them the necessary mentorship.

However, as the kids are getting more involved in technology, it is also a challenge for these kids to find a trail in the adult dominated Industry considering the level of works, connections and influence the older ones have got.

Are we going to stay put and let those kids struggle till they get frustrated? It is time we give these kids voices and open the way for them to be active and stay focus.

As a way of giving voices to these kids, Rubies Technologies will be presenting a monthly spotlight program for the kids where they will be able to tell the world what they have been doing and how they have been solving problems.

The spotlight is to let the world know about the amazing things the kids are doing and how they have been able to cope with the challenges.

This monthly spotlight is expected to give more exposure to the kids and encourage  them to do more.

If you have kids that are doing great in the tech industry, kindly reach us on or our social media pages

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