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Artificial Intelligence

The Future of Technology and Application of Artificial Intelligence

The world we now live is driven by technology and not just technology but advanced technology which now pave way for seamless and easy life for human. 

According to Wikipedia, Artificial Intelligence (AI) is intelligence demonstrated by machines in contrast to the natural intelligence displayed by humans. It is often used to describe machines (or computers) that mimic “cognitive” functions that humans associate with other human minds , such as “learning” and “problem solving”.

AI as a machine intelligence can predict human action thereby capably of working on human mind and making predictive decisions with little or no error. 

For the past few years, tech companies have concentrated on including AI in their products with aim of improving lives of people. Phones, Cars and other Tech Companies now rely heavily on the power of AI which is the next big thing in Technology. 

Now we have autonomous cars (self driving cars). These are cars that are capable of sensing the environment and move with little or no human effort. Imagine a world where machine is driving cars, there will be little or no motor accident. According to National Highway Traffic Safety Administration (2015), 94% of road accident is caused by human error. 

The predictive analytics of AI makes it the future of everything. By studying the environment, the weather condition and the mood of individual, a balance and correct call-to-action prediction could be made to suit the situation

Application of AI 

Health: AI is now being used to detect diseases, such as cancer, more accurately and in their early stages, detect heart diseases and other related health problems. 

Banking:  using Nigeria as example, most of the banking activities have been a major work of AI applications in areas like customer care services which is now controlled by Chatbots, security, anti-money laundering and fraud detection. Most of the banks now have robot responding to customers’ request online while also providing solutions to it example is Leo by UBA

Education: learning is now borderless, it transcends beyond classroom learning but global class for easy learning and collaboration. Technology brings drastic transitions by facilitating the learning of any course from anywhere across the globe and at any time. 

People can now learn from online site like Udemy, Alison, MIT, Plurasight, FreecodeCamp etc. Large percentage of programmers or web developers in Nigeria were able to acquire the knowledge through online courses 

Agriculture: the predictive analytics of technology has given room for improved crop productions and detection of diseases in plants. Even in animal farming, there have been developments in implanting chips on animals (cattle) to track their movement

Though there have been global concern on jobs lost due to machine taking over human related activities, but the bigger picture remains that as many jobs are been taking by technology, more opportunities are also opening in tech related field because research is continuous, however, in the next few years, anyone without tech-knowledge may be thrown out if the working system 

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