Private Code Class

Our Private Code Class (one-on-one training) is a scheme developed to train students on programming personally based on their schedule and mode of training. This type of training gives the trainee the flexibility of choosing when they want to have the training and time frame that meets their convenience.

Brace Conference​

This is the largest conference that accommodates kids and teens worldwide, the conference works in an interesting pattern. Kids that have been experienced in the Information Technology sector get chanced to speak at this conference and others get to learn from them. This is usually free to attend and it is also focused on inspiring, challenging other kids interested in programming so as to see that they’ve got peers who are doing well in the tech world. Programming is not restricted by age nor gender and we hope to inspire kids by engaging them with young and talented speakers, some of which are already involved in tech on a professional level. It also helps to showcase awesome projects built by young coders around the world. Please visit the Events Page to know more about the conference.


This is one of the most wonderful programs we run, the program boot camp kids into the technology world by introducing them to the most fundamental of programming, students enrolled are taken from novice to expert. The students are mandated to complete a project before getting certified.

It usually holds after the brace conference and it is a paid Bootcamp.

Code Weekends

This program takes place on weekends specifically Saturdays for about three hours. The students get to learn in the company of other students and it can be a virtual class or a physical class. The programs come up once in a while and adverts will be placed whenever such an event will take place.

Summer of Code School

This program occurs in one of the four seasons, usually from June – September targeting the long-term break/holiday i.e summer break. It’s our strategy of showcasing and rewarding talented kids. This training also works well during the school’s summer lessons and it helps the kids explore something different from the regular school activities they are used to. The training is within two (2) to four (4) weeks. The students are usually introduced to logical thinking skills, creative thinking, and problem-solving skills. We use the program to inspire and empower kids to fall in love with programming. 

This program is not entirely free but schools or organizations that are interested should reach to us for a plan that will suit them.

School Tour​

Rubies technologies visit different schools to orientate, expose, and educate them about technologies and their importance. It is a Free Program and we get Sponsors from different parts of the world to make kids aware of technologies and their opportunities. Schools interested in hosting us can reach out, terms and conditions apply

Code Club

Code club is the platform where groups are formed to learn while solving some challenges and building sustainable solutions for their communities. This platform is specifically designed for schools as an extracurricular activity. The students get to spend between 1 to 2 hours with an instructor and they work, learn, and grow with other students.

Schools that have an interest in setting this club should reach out to us on how to go about it. It is not totally free.


As a way of encouraging and giving visibility to young ones who are building solutions in the tech field, Rubies Technologies has the kids’ spotlight initiative to tell the world about these kids. We organize interviews with them, curate stories on the projects they have worked on, publish the materials online and share with others. This is an avenue for them to get noticed and get bigger opportunities in life. Visit our blog page to read about the featured kids and their stories.

Past Projects

Highlights of Schools visited and Trainings Organized

Frequently Asked Questions


Rubies Technologies is an initiative that trains kids and teenagers to develop digital skills which include programming and other soft skills.

There are various ways of learning how to code, and one of the way is by mentorship which rubies technologies majorly into. We make learning how to code more lucrative with our curated curriculum and seasoned tutors readily available to mentor you.

We offer courses on Scratch, App Inventor, Web development, and Python.

The common etiquette people have about programming is that it’s HARD and you need much computing knowledge whereas it’s incorrect. Virtually there’s no prerequisite in learning programming at rubies technologies because we’ll walk you through from the beginning. Though math/quantitative, logic, problem solving, reasoning skills can help. The major requirement is the PASSION to learn.

Programming is relevant in all sectors of the economy as they are riding on the back of technology. Programming is relevant in Agriculture, Telecommunication, Manufacturing, Transportation, Medical services, etc

Yes, you can. We have courses we take online and you have a trainer assigned to you. You will need to check our website for details regarding that.

The timing for each course varies but you need between 1-3 months to move from one stage to another in a course to complete a course.


It is a private programming session where you have trainers assigned to you while you pick a course of your choice.

The training takes two-mode, virtual, and physically based on your registration choice. We also have a group and one-on-one training. All classes have been optimized for efficiency. Please check the Program session on the website for details about the program you would be interested in.

Yes, as a matter of fact, you don’t even need to know much about computers before you apply for our classes.

For efficiency, we recommend getting your own computer or have access to one so you can follow along with your instructor. Though there are applications (Pydroid, Sololearn) on mobile phones that can be used, you might not get the best in using them.


How do I register as a student?

 As a student, you need to visit the home page, click on the register as a student to create an account and fill the required field. To register as a student, we require the consent of your parents for teens below 13 years. In addition, your location, school, and level of expertise will be required.


How many courses can I register at once?

We take priority in detailed tutelage, so we only allow taking one course at a time, in order to get your maximum concentration and understanding.

Yes, You can download the recorded classroom via a third party website like Zoom detail about this will be provided by your tutor.

Yes, a certificate of completion will be issued upon completion of the course material provided and the capstone project.

The training lasts for a maximum of 6 hours every week and can be between 2 to 3 days. The student gets to select 4days that are suitable for the training and the trainer selects the best 3 that work for them.

Yes, we run free training and you will need to follow us on social media to get details of when we would be having free training.


Technology is taking over the world and kids around the world are getting involved while also building amazing solutions to the world’s problems. Enrolling your kids will help them have knowledge of technology very early and building solutions to save the world.

For those in Nigeria, each course costs 20,000 Naira per month and per child but for those outside Nigeria, it costs 100USD per course and per Month.

Installment payment is acceptable with 70% as first payment and 30% within 2 weeks into the training.

We take priority in detailed tutelage, so we only allow taking one course at a time, in order to get your maximum concentration and understanding.

As a student, you need to visit the home page, click on the register as a student to create an account, and fill the required field. To register as a student, we require the consent of your parents for teens below 13 years. In addition, your location, school, and level of expertise will be required.

Whenever there’s a discount you qualify for, the discount will entail all you need to claim it. if not we will communicate duly how you can claim the discount.

Yes, there’s a scholarship most times and you can get them when available on our website.


Children will be able to build and work on projects after they have been equipped with the right knowledge during the tutorial. Depending on the area of specialisation, children will be able to build games, web applications, robots etc

Coding helps children to develop logical thinking and analytical skills early in life. It helps them in problem-solving skills, mathematical and computational skills. Learning coding will help them to think fast and able to provide solutions to problems because coding itself is about solving problems.

This depends on the interest of the child, their passion, and their age.

Yes, age is not a barrier to learning how to code. Although rubies technologies are focused on training kids and teenagers, we still have packages for adults. Visit our website to know more about our adult education.

As a tutor, you can go to the home page and click on the register as a tutor, ensuring you provide all necessary details (required or optional). Be informed that being considered as a tutor will be decided at our own discretion. Applying doesn’t guarantee acceptance, all applications will undergo critical review.

A volunteer helps in facilitating any of our programs, and they are always available to support you during the  training whereas the tutor is the instructor who teaches you your desired course.